Best plains and hills in Iran

Khalidnabi plain and hill as a natural attraction of golestan and iran

The Khalid Nabi hills and Cemetery as Natural-Historical Tourist Attraction, have transformed it into something that is not like the erath. The cemetery near the shrine of Khalid Nabi is believed to be the most mysterious cemetery in Iran and is known for its strange grave.

Martian mountains plain and hill as a natural attraction of sistan baluchestan and iran

Did you know you can see the face of Mars on Iran? Just tilt your way to the Chabahar Martian Mountains as Natural Tourist Attraction; a strange and wonderful place that invites you to a space trip. These mountains, which are also known as miniature mountains, are considered to be Chabahar sights The wonders of these mountains will increase when on the other side of the road you will have a view of the sea of Oman with a blue heaven above it and in the Martian Mountains at night, you can simultaneously observe fourteen constellations.

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Plains and Hills of Iran

Plains of Iran and Hills of Iran


The hill is called the prominent sandy and soil ground with a height of between 150 and 600 meters, which means that it is lower than the mountain. Some of the hills in Iran were formerly inhabited by early settlers, so that the Aryans came to Iran found many hills which was suitable places for civilization and rangelands for their livestock and They left a significant mark at that hills.

In addition to its historical aspects, the hills of Iran are considered as one of the natural phenomena and attractions of Iran due to the wide variety and climate of Iran.


Just watching the vast plains that continue to the distant, with no walls, no ugly phenomena, no air and noise pollution, purifies the human spirit. Nature tours in the plains of Iran can be a unique experience for tourists. In short, spring is the best season for tourism in the vast plains of this land. Walking through the wild flowers and breathing in the smell of them, you will experience walking in paradise. In many places of the Iran country, there are dreamy and virgin plains that shine like diamond on Iran's nature.