Khalid Nabi Cemetery in Golestan as Tourist Attraction

Khalid Nabi, A legendary cemetery over of the Thousand Valley

The Khalid Nabi hills and Cemetery as Natural-Historical Tourist Attraction, have transformed it into something that is not like the erath. The cemetery near the shrine of Khalid Nabi is believed to be the most mysterious cemetery in Iran and is known for its strange grave. The shrine is located on top of the mountain, and if you look up above it, as if the heavens and the earth are tied together and the surrounding hillsides, known as a thousand hills, have transformed it into something that is not like the erath. The cemetery near the shrine of Khalid Nabi is believed to be the most mysterious cemetery in Iran and is known for its strange grave.

Khalid Nabi cemetery

Legendary cemetery on Thousand Valley

About Khalid nabi

The Khalid Nabi cemetery and tomb of Khalid Nabi are in the province of Golestan and 90 km from Gonbad Kavoos. Turkmen Desert is a diverse land, forests and plains are different from other regions of Iran, and some areas are desert and have a warm and dry climate. Turkmen Sahra itself is a small Iran.

An amazing landmark on the high mountains, where you can see the plains and lush hills surrounding it. The first two months of the spring, which is not weathered and the plains are green, is the best time to go to Khalid Nabi. Mahoori hills, plains and wheat gardens that make the shrine astonishing. The shrine of Khalid Nabi is all special.

There is a huge cemetery on the eastern shore of the Shepherd Ata and on a series of soils whose heights are much less than the height of the site of Khalid Nabi's shrine, which saw about 600 stone-grooved graves with a maximum height of 2 meters.

Khalid Nabi's cemetery stones are built in three groups:

  • Tombstones with a height of nearly 3 meters, which are vertically mounted on a grave, are made in the form of a manger, which is probably a grave for men. This group of tombstones is inspired by the beliefs of Central Asia and India, reflecting the phallic religion.
  • The gravestones are almost crater or hemispherical and look like two breasts, which are probably for the grave of women.
  • Rocks in the form of rams: rams have a special place in the traditional culture and beliefs of the Turkmen people. Of the animals attributed to the sun, it is a manifestation of fertility and is considered by the people. And the most common symbol is the Turkmen people. And a sign of power, rule and blessing and respect.

Address of Khalid Nabi

The path to the holy shrine of Khaled Nabi is mountainous, but it is not a difficult road to go through it. Due to the lack of roads and the lack of facilities and the lack of welfare facilities on site, as well as the intense heat of the summer and cold of winter, the best time for tourism in this region is April and May. Near and below the tomb of Khalid Nabi, the monuments of the Baba Almighty and the Shepherd Ata and the doors of the Five Lions as well as the Khezr Fountain are located.

History of Khalid

According to the prevalent narratives among the people, the Alam Baba was the father of the wife of Khalid Nabi and Choppan Ata, the pastor of Khalid Nabi or one of his followers, all of whom are considered by the Turkmens. Khalid Nabi is a masonry building with a plan of foursquare and a number of windows And at the entrance, which has a crescent arch at the entrance to the mosque. The windows and the metal entrance (iron) are simple. And none of them is decorated with inscriptions.

Animal Types of Thousand Valleys:

Species of this region are different. A bird called green creature is found in this vast area. They have green feathers and are often seen on electric wires. Swallows are other birds in the area that are often nesting on tall walls. The nests of this bird are much observed in areas that are more akin to the hill, and the layers are light and permeable. Snakes are also the enemies of these birds and their moles.


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